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Articleship is the most important phase of your CA course.It is 3 year training which a student has to go through to complete the course.There is no escaping as the Institute has made it clear that the it is must for a student to undergo training.From the students point of view , articleship is very important as by devoting hard work in it can be very fruitful for the future.Instead of headache it is more of an opportunity.So, instead of skipping(by doing dummy articleship) the 3 year training, just to complete another course, your emphasis should be on doing articleship by yourself.

Articleship can be pursued by a student who has cleared CA-IPCC group-1 examination, along with this completion of IT training and Orientation is also a must.Student should prefer to first complete both the groups of CA-IPCC and then move forward to start the 3 year training.One also must see that during training he associate himself with good firms not any ordinary firm as this hampers your future and your hard work may go in vein.

Articleship is a wonderful opportunity for a student learn and earn simultaneously.It gives you the chance to work under the best professional of the industry.Coming to the part of stipend, your stipend depends on the firm you choose to offer your services. better the firm, more will be the stipend (there are exception to this fact).You must ensure that you are applying for articleship in a good firm instead of giving up to the demand of your parents and landing in a firm where the quality of the work is average or poor.Do not shy away from working hard as you are working for a bright future.

Completion of articleship is a must to be eligible to appear for CA-FINAL. Although articleship is of 3 years but a student can appear for his exams after completion of 2.5 years of his articleship, which means you can become a CA even before completion of your articleship.More prominence should be given to the articleship than any other phase of the course.